Who Are We?

Music for Love is not just a name or even a person. Music for Love is a group of multicultural and multiethnic friends from all over the world, who are governed by the same principles: a respect for the gift of life, a respect for each other, and a commitment to help those in need. We believe that, together, we can improve access to education, healthcare, and a better future for everyone.

Music for Love started with a simple email, sent to a few friends, inviting them to celebrate Franco’s 50th birthday. There was a birthday, there was a day, May 13th, there were Stevie Wonder’s music and love messages, people, images, videos and music. In 12 short weeks, a simple email evolved into an incredible “love spreading machine”. At the time, there were no plans or real goals. Things simply unraveled organically, step-by-step, day-by-day, through the basic love of music and humanity for all.

The will to make a difference through music has grown into what we know today as Music for Love.

What We Do?

Music for Love is a charitable foundation that serves as a vehicle to support humanitarian causes, non-profit organizations, and community projects around the world.

The people and artists within our organization come from all corners of the earth. They may have different cultural and ethnic backgrounds, but they are bound together by one clear goal: to help those who are less fortunate.

In order to create a path towards a brighter future for as many people as we can, 100% of our music and event proceeds are used to better the education, healthcare, and economical situations of those who are less fortunate.

Music For Love cannot do this alone and we always support other organizations, projects, and volunteers who share a similar vision. Every cent is responsibly used to do something positive for humanity.

We hope you can find it within yourself to join and donate to our mission in order to manifest unity and spread love through music.

our misson

Manifest Unity Through Music

“You change the world by giving examples and real actions, small or big, not with politics, theories and/or opinions”

“Only by educating and offering sustainable opportunities, we can have a better world for the future generations”

“A time to love can’t just be a project, it must be our project”. Stevie Wonder

Our Board Members:

Franco Nannucci, President & Founder
Chuck Carrick, Vice President
John King, Vice President
Stefano Cazzaniga, Treasurer
Marc Crissman, Secretary

Our mission is to manifest unity through music.




834 Huffman Street
Greensboro NC 27405


+1 (336)255-2111