Schools we've been supporting:

- Meoni and Fratelli school
- Buresti Meoni School
- Fabrizio & Cyril
- Foua 2 School Center
- Fissel School

From 2016 onwards, we have conducted several renovations and maintenance at the "Fabrizio Meoni & Friends of Italy School in Guinaw Rails. We have also continually supported our Marist peers as they provide aid and recover to children living in the streets of Dakar.

In 2017, we built a small school in the Fissel Rural District.

From 2017 to 2018, we helped finish the construction of the upper floor of an educational complex called Buresti Meoni School in Ben Barque Nord. We also carried out maintenance at the school’s sister location, “Fabrizio & Cyril”.

In 2019, in M’Bour, we renovated one of Foua 2’s classrooms and built a 450-meter perimeter protection wall around the facility.

In 2021, we renovated existing bathrooms and constructed new ones at Ngueniene Nursery School located in M’Bour. We also helped operate a school bus in the Pikine district.

In 2022, we continued our work in M’Bour by arranging for a new warehouse to be built and finishing the construction of a perimeter wall around the Ngueniene Nursery School. In 2022 we also assisted in the construction of a new school in the community of Malika.

Our mission is to manifest unity through music.



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