Foua 2 School Center in Senegal has a student population of 300 children as well as an additional 90 infants in their nursery.

We have a plan to build a sustainable vegetable garden and raise chickens for their egg production. This will provide much-needed fresh nutritional food for the children and act as a source of income for the school.

We count on contributions like yours to help them become self-sustaining and successful.

Music for Love is not just a name or even a person. Music for Love is a group of multicultural and multiethnic friends from all over the world, who are governed by the same principles: a respect for the gift of life, a respect for each other, and a commitment to help those in need. We believe that, together, we can improve access to education, healthcare, and a better future for everyone.

We have projects in South Sudan, Tanzania, Senegal, Kenya, Ivory Coast, Cameroon where we build schools and its surroundings, we built classrooms, sports centers, even wells . We are always trying to improve the infrastructure of schools in partnership with Fundazione Fabrizio Meoni Onlus.

We have some new projects that we need your support.

Our mission is to manifest unity through music.



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